Installing Radiant Heating in Your Home is a BIG Investment.

Will You Know if the Contractor is Taking Shortcuts?

How Can You Protect Yourself From Getting RIPPED OFF?

Dear Home Owner:


If you are considering radiant floor heat for your home, then it’s always best to do your homework.

There is no doubt in my mind that radiant floor heat is a healthier and more cost efficient radiant way to heat your home.

An energy-efficient in floor heating system should lower your energy bills and save you money. In fact, I’ve seen as much as a 50% increase in energy efficiency achieved with an accurately engineered in-floor heating system.

Radiant Floor HeatYou see, your feet act as a thermostat for your entire body, so when your feet are cold your body feels cold, but when they are warm you feel toasty and comfortable.

And since a radiant heat floor generally maintains a surface heat of 85-90 degrees, most people set their thermostat lower (65 degrees) instead of the average 72 degrees with forced air. Plus with lower heat air doesn’t become as dry or as statically charged.

Not to mention, you also get the added advantage of a quiet heating system that doesn’t ping or hiss, and you never have to look at those eyesores like heating registers, vents or baseboard heaters.

Yes, a radiant heat flooring system is certainly one of the most natural ways to create a cozy environment with a stable and efficient heat source.

However, like most home renovations...

A radiant heat system must be installed properly in order to be effective.

Sadly, many homeowners aren’t aware of all the pitfalls that can occur when installing a radiant heat system. And, they often fall prey to inexperienced General Contractors who promise the world and fail to deliver.

It takes an experienced professional to design, install and test an in-floor radiant heat system.

That’s why ... before you make any flooring decisions ... and before you sign any contracts, you should really do your homework.

There are 7 Essentials Things You Must Know about Radiant Heat Flooring:

  1. The basic principles behind radiant heat

  2. The pros and cons of a radiant heat installation

  3. The key questions to ask an installer before hiring him

  4. Red flag warnings so you don’t hire the wrong contractor

  5. Exactly what can go wrong if the installation isn’t done properly

  6. What clauses you should include in your contract to protect against shoddy workmanship

  7. What type of energy savings you can expect

I’ve seen far too many nice people get let down or ripped off because they weren’t as informed about radiant heat as they should be.

That’s why I’ve put together a great resource for anyone who is contemplating a radiant heat flooring system.

This handbook, called: Radiant Heat – What You NEED to Know BEFORE You Sign That Contract will ensure that design, installation and testing problems don’t happen to you.

Here’s how to avoid any pitfalls and costly mistakes when installing an in-floor radiant heat system.

Radiant heatingEVERYTHING you need to know is right at your fingertips!

This handbook was specifically created for people who know nothing or very little about radiant heat. And, it will help you select the right radiant heat flooring system and show you exactly how to avoid the typical problems that can arise then a designer or installation crew makes a mistake.

In a moment, I’ll tell you exactly what this handbook contains, but before I do, let me tell you...

Why I’m the ONE “Radiant Heat Person”
You Can Trust...

My name is Larry Lang, and for years I’ve been building, renovating and installing various types of in-floor heat systems.

And during that time I have perfected my knowledge and expertise and have helped dozens of homeowners to select and install the right radiant heat flooring system.

As a person who cares, I’m the guy that everyone recommends when things go wrong.

Which is the real reason I created Radiant Heat – What You NEED to Know BEFORE You Sign That Contract...

... Because, I’m sick and tired of seeing decent hardworking people get screwed by shoddy contractors who don’t know what they are doing.

Plus, it gives everyone in my line of work a bad name.

I NEVER want anyone to experience the heartbreak of living in a torn up house, or to see their home flood unnecessarily because they’ve put their trust in the wrong person.  

Now don’t get me wrong! There are TONS of great, caring and experienced contractors who will take very good care of you. It’s just a matter of sorting out the treasures from the trash. And, that’s exactly what my guidebook is designed to do.  

I’ve Done All The Hard Work So You Don’t Have To.

How useful would that be to you…?

Radiant Heat – What You NEED to Know BEFORE You Sign That Contract is a downloadable book that will help you make an informed decision about radiant heat and the contractor you should hire.

Just Check Out What You Get With This Amazing Radiant Heat System...

11 Key Chapters Include:

  • Powerful Radiant Heating Concepts: You’ll understand 3 eye-opening ways that radiant heat is transferred and know with certainly which one is best for your home?

  • Discover the Phenomenal Benefits of Radiant Heating: If you are unclear about radiant heat flooring this section will put all the misconceptions and false facts to rest.

  • REVEALED: The Secrets of Using Aluminum! This chapter is packed with 28 powerful tips to help you ensure the success of your radiant heating project.

  • The Inside Scoop on Thermal Mass Options: With these 14 tried and true tips along with 5 different methods to cure your thermal mass, you are assured of a successful install. (Leave out one crucial step and you’ll pay thousands more.)

  • Successful Staple-Up Applications: Get 9 proven installations tips that guarantee your radiant heating is properly installed.

  • Revealing Electrical Radiant Heating: Keep control of your budget by applying this single step before you begin. Ten tips to help you avoid pitfalls during installation.

  • Uncover Powerful Radiant Barrier Uses! WARNING: Leave out any one of these 8 essential steps and the warm air will be sucked right out of your home.

  • Revealing Floor Covering Secrets: Over 21 valuable installation tricks to prevent disaster when installing hardwood floor or carpet over your radiant in floor system.

  • Successful Control Rooms: Getting all eight of these components installed properly will assure you a trouble-free system for years to come.

  • Designing your Radiant Heat System Secrets: If your radiant heat designer won't give you any one of these six reports, find another radiant heat designer before your project goes bad.

  • Avoiding Contractor and Sub-Contractor Disputes: Twenty-three key questions to ask your contractor before you sign on the bottom line.

PLUS, I’ll also Show You in Microscopic Detail...

  • How to determine if hydronic radiant heat or electric radiant heat is best for your home.

  • The difference between thermal mass radiant heat and aluminum based radiant heat.

  • How to install radiant heat on an existing slab without overpaying.

  • What type of insulation is best to put under a slab.

  • What radiant barriers you need to use, where you should use them, and even good brands to buy.

  • I’ll show you which direction you should lay your wood flooring strips in relation to the radiant heat tubing.

  • Useful tips to prevent the workmen from damaging the newly installed radiant floor heat system when they remodel or install.

  • What to scrutinize as the tubing is installed. (Plus, what to immediately do should you hear a certain type of noise.)

  • What kind of carpet pad I think is best. And, a type of pad that many contractors inadvertently use that will actually block the heat and make your new system virtually useless.

  • Basically, all of the details you need to look for, so you can make certain your installation is done right!

With this Radiant Heat Guide I haven’t left anything out!

I’ve even included a detailed Glossary of Terms so you can’t be baffled by a contractor’s bull... and a workbook section so you can take notes and record information.

Get this guide and you’ll know with 100% certainty what you can expect from your new radiant floor heat, the different kinds systems available, and which floor heat solution is best for your family (Not which is the best for the salesman to sell you).

Larry - I want to again express my thanks to you for writing your book. After buying this book, I decided to hire a qualified radiant heat installer. There were no shortcuts taken, thanks to the knowledge I gained from your book. And I do appreciate your "service after the sale." That is rare these days.

Thanks again. - Jim Brown, Spokane WA

Jim Brown Did not receive a promotional copy (and/or other material compensation), in order to facilitate his Honest opinion for this endorsement and Is Not a marketing affiliate for Radiant Heat - What You Need To Know Before You Sign That Contract

Why Go Into a Radiant Heat Installation Unprepared?

A tiny investment now can SAVE YOU A BOATLOAD of cash later.

In fact, this book has the potential to save you not only thousands of dollars, but to also make your installation, and your future life with radiant heating trouble free.

How much is that worth to you?  

... Because, today I’m offering this complete Radiant Heat guide to you for a one-time, low price of $47 (Basically, the price of a new fixture or baseboard heater.)

And to sweeten the deal I’m going to also send you another free gift as a special thank you for downloading my book.

BONUS GIFT: Filling a Closed Loop System
(a $29 value – yours free!)

Once your radiant heat floor is installed, this report will show you EVERYTHING you need to know about filling it, whether with water, anti-freeze, or another water treatment chemical. And, tell you how to be certain there aren’t any air pockets which will cause noise later.

This special report is absolutely FREE when you get my book:
Radiant Heat – What You NEED to Know BEFORE You Sign That Contract!

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Radiant Heat GuaranteeIf for any reason you don’t think Radiant Heat – What You NEED to Know BEFORE You Sign That Contract will save you money…

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Let’s face it, it will most likely take you weeks, if not months to acquire this knowledge...

You could spend a small fortune or, God forbid, jeopardize the comfort and security of your own home.

But suppose you had all the tools and resources you needed to effortlessly purchase, design and install a radiant in floor system...

What would that be worth to you?

Don’t be at the mercy of the radiant heating salespeople or shoddy, inexperienced contractors. Knowledge is POWER!

BEFORE you talk to another know-it-all who’ll tell give you his opinion which isn‘t worth diddly-squat - Get the FACTS!

Download my radiant heating guide right now. And discover if this energy efficient heating system is right for you.

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Larry Lang 

P.S. This book will not only save you TONS of time and money it will protect you from getting RIPPED OFF. You’ll know with 100% certainty whether the contractor or installers you hire  

P.P.S. AND REMEMBER! I’m backing up this guidebook with a no-questions-asked 365-day iron clad money back guarantee. I’ll give you back the your entire $47 investment should you feel this book is not right for you.

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